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The "AAY BEE Sales Corporation" is an internationally leading technology provider covering the segments of almost all type of Industries like autoparts, cycle parts, hand tools, sewing machine parts, car and tractor manufacturers and their supplers of automotive parts. The Ambala -based company currently employs approximately 100 persons. The company manufactures and exports Dot Peen Marking Machines, Laser Marking Machines, Chemical Etching Marking Machines, Pad Printing Machines, Impact Press, Automatic Numerator, Rotary Type Numerator Hand Type , Pneumatic Roll Marking Machines, Hydro Pneumatic Presses , Interchangeable Steel Types, Hand holder, Machine holder, Hand Held Punches and sepcial types of steel stamps for you logos or monograms which are ideal for marking on different Types Of Components. AAY BEE Sales Corporation has its own in-house R&D Team & Production facilities in Ambala ciity (Haryana) INDIA.


A 16 year old organization (year of incorporation - 1996); we say that we are "16 years younger".


Our Vision
Leadership in profitability and Revenue growth in our Core Business.
Being a Customer- friendly organization and creating the most exciting work place.
Global Network of distributors across the nooks and corners of the world.


Our Vision
Our technological know how, outstanding quality of our products and services and our global presence makes AAY BEE Sales Corporation one of the preferred manufacturer.
We realize ideas of our customers by providing most complex marking requirement. AAY BEE Sales Corporation will systematically expand it's global presence as innovative, customer oriented technology provider and will create long-lasting value for it's customer.


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